Here are some videos of local Grand Junction area riding. We helped with making most of these, and the riders are almost all staff, or customers. We love riding mountain bikes in Western Colorado! If you want info on how to find these or any other trail info, please stop in! We have maps, and lots of first hand experience and we’re always happy to share what we believe to be some of the best trails anywhere in the world. If we can’t be riding, we’d at least like to be talking riding with you.

We are supporters of trails, and as such we support COPMOBA, our local trail advocacy group. We encourage you to donate, volunteer, and become involved in this organization to further expand our amazing trail resources. Even if you just become a member, or volunteer 1 day to  build trail, you’re making a difference. Our trails don’t build themselves unfortunately – and without the folks at COPMOBA, we’d have a lot less to ride.

  • Indian Point
  • Grand Day
  • Butterknife Connector
  • Biking Grand Mesa
  • Fall on Grand Mesa
  • Off the Point
  • Gunny Loop